The Best Of Northeast Motorbike Tour – 12 Days is an ideal destination for Vietnam dirt bike adventure tours. With varied types of landforms and topographies; from high mountain, dessert, forest to plateau. This 12- day  Vietnam motorcycle tours will take you to the paradise regions in north Vietnam such as: Mai Chau, Phu Yen, Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le, Than Uyen, Sapa, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Quang Uyen, Ban Gioc and Ba Be lake where you could experience the adventurous feelings for real.

Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau Valley: ( L, D – 170km )

In the first day of motorbike tour in Vietnam, our team will pick you up at your hotel at 8AM to our bike shop and we will set off at roughly 9:00 am and ride to the northwestern suburban area of Hanoi. We continue the Mai Chau motorcycle trip by following the highway 6 leading through countryside areas of Northern Vietnam, our riding team will reach Mai Chau Town. As in the 1st day, the road is quiet easy and comfortable to drive and you could admire the stunning views of rural area, which is typical of Vietnam. These are paddy fields, ancient villages or local wet markets along the way.,,After the lunch and few breaks, Vietnam motorcycle tour team keep riding the way to Mai Chau. At almost 5:00 pm, we will be in Mai Chau Town. This town is famous for traditional house on stilt of Thai People so that will be our accommodation for 1st night of motorcycle tours.

Day 2: Mai Chau – Phu Yen: ( B, L, D -160km )

Mai Chau to Phu Yen, there will be another stop for you, which is widely regarded as a tropical heaven in North Vietnam: Moc Chau. As we set off the trip in the morning, after a local breakfast and short walk around the village, we could reach Moc Chau at noon. Motorcycle tours Northern Vietnam will have a lunch in Moc Chau before continuing our trip.,,Also, there are some places which are worth visiting in Moc Chau. Just spend time enjoying the scenic beauty of tea plantations and fruitful gardens in Moc Chau. Then in the afternoon, our motorcycle riding team will cross Da River to Phu Yen Town. We could take use of time in the ferry to admire the peaceful scenery of river and mountain before disembarking on the dock.,,At about 5:00 pm, motorcycle tours North Vietnam will arrive at Phu Yen. A night in hotel is planned for the 2nd night in this fantastic journey of Vietnam motorcycle tour.

Day 3: Phu Yen – Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen: ( B, L, D – 210km )

This is believed to be one of the best parts of Vietnam motorcycle trip around northern mountainous 12 – Day Best Of Northern Vietnamareas. Ascending from Phu Yen through Mu Cang Chai to Than Uyen, all the motorcyclists could be totally amazed by the striking marvelousness of terraced fields on 2 sides of the road. In the autumn, the whole considerable valley is colored and carpeted with the golden hue of ripen rice.,,We continue the northern Vietnam motorcycle tour through winding passes and feeling the breath of nature are fantastic experiences for motorcyclists on the 3rd day’s route.,,We reach Than Uyen Town at around 5: 00 pm. It has been a long day already so just try to relax and sleep as soon as possible to prepare for next wonderful days of northern Vietnam motorcycle tour.

Day 4: Than Uyen – Sapa: ( B, L, D – 110km )

This is another easy Vietnam motorcycle tour for the whole motorcycle team as the distance is just 110km in total from Than Uyen to Sapa. After having a full breakfast, we will continue to ride to Sapa.,,Despite the short motorcycle distance, it is still a memorable experience for motorcyclists on the day 4 of the amazing journey. We will cross O Quy Ho Pass – one of 4 most well-known passes in North Vietnam; both for its beauty and challenge. However, the experience is really priceless as we could admire and get a whole view of vast valley at the foothill of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. From the height of 2000m, you could feel like on top of the Vietnam.,,For today, our team will arrive at Sapa early at noon. After lunch, we could go for a walk or have short Sapa motorbike tour to some rustic villages of local tribes. It comes to the end of day 4 of Northern Vietnam motorbike trip.

Day 5: Sapa – Bac Ha: ( B, L, D -160 km )

From Sapa, we continue the Vietnam motorbike ride to Bac Ha in the morning. This route is so 12 – Day Best Of Northern Vietnam wonderful with winding and up-and-down Trails and passes, which can make the North Vietnam motorbike tour more exciting than ever! We can see the peaceful villages across the Chinese border with the lush terraced paddy fields.,,When our motorbike crew reaches Bac Ha, it will be roughly 4:00pm. Enjoy an overnight here before hitting the road to Ha Giang with the experienced team of Vietnam Motorbike Tours .

Day 6: Bac Ha – Ha Giang:( B, L, D – 190 km )

On the dirty and bumpy roads from Bac Ha to Ha Giang, motorcyclists are supposed to see the different landscapes of North Vietnam. We will have lunch in Xin Man town. After that, we keep riding along the winding river, take a panoramic look at terraced rice fields in Hoang Su Phi. It could be an exciting part of the northern Vietnam motorcycle tour.,,We come to Ha Giang in the late afternoon and stay here. It remarks the 6th day of this wonderful Vietnam motorbike holiday .

Day 7: Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac:( B, L, D – 170 km )

From Ha Giang, northern Vietnam motorcycle tour team rides up to Dong Van, a very remoted place in 12 – Day Best Of Northern VietnamHa Giang. This one is one of the best parts of the motorcycle trip in North Vietnam when we can pass a quiet road with breathtaking scenery. You are given time to take lots Vietnam motorbike tour videos, photos of this stunning view before carrying on the motorcycle trip.,,We will reach Meo Vac at 5:00pm before the darkness comes. One night in the guest house will be memorable for you in this journey with Vietnam Motorbike Tours .

Day 8: Meo Vac – Quang Uyen: ( B, L, D – 200 km )

It will be a long trip for the day 8 of motorcycle tour in Vietnam when our motorcycle team will ride around 200km from Dong Van, Ha Giang to Quang Uyen.,,This part of northern mountainous area is lower compared with other regions. Therefore, you could admire the beauty of average-height mountains, covered with green forests. Elsewhere, you could see villages of ethnic minorities.,,After crossing Cao Bang city, we approach a little town called Quang Uyen, which is on the way to Ban Gioc Waterfall. Homestay in Tay Village .

Day 9: Quang Uyen – Ban Gioc Waterfall – Cao Bang:( B, L, D – 180 km )

Coming to the 9th day of northern Vietnam motorcycle tour, we will keep riding on the quiet roads with beautiful landscapes along the way. There will be more paddy fields and lush forests. You can catch you the daily life view of local people and most of them from tribes in northern Vietnam.,,We come to Ban Gioc Waterfall area at the mid noon. It is time for having a break, taking photo or swimming in the best waterfall of Vietnam. After that, we keep riding back to Cao Bang City. Just get chilled out and relaxed after a long riding day.

Day 10: Cao Bang – Ba Be lake:( B, L, D – 150 km )

On the day 10 of motorcycle tours Vietnam, our guide will take you through the countryside roads follow the foothills with local houses of tribes to Ba Be national park.,,When we reach that lake at noon, we can take a stop for lunch in a village of Dzao people. Afterwards, we will take a boat tour on this quiet and peaceful lake. You can take your time to enjoy the splendid views of nature on the surrounding areas and listen to the sound of forests. It is really exciting and relaxing, after a long day riding on the roads.,,We will stay overnight in a Tay family, nearby Ba Be lake. Enjoy your night with hospitable local hosts before continuing the northern Vietnam motorcycle tours.

Day 11: Ba Be lake – Thac Ba lake: ( B, L, D – 160 km )

In the morning, we will ride down to Thac Ba lake-one of the largest and most beautiful lake in Vietnam. The perk of this motorbike tour is that apart from natural landscapes, we also visit the historical sites, such as ATK Dinh Hoa, the place where Ho Chi Minh found the Vietnam communist party in 1930. After riding to Thac Ba lake, the northern Vietnam motorcycle tour will stay overnight in a Dzao people’s family, on the bank of Thac Ba. We also can enjoy a boat tour on this splendid lake to see the impressions of the nature and heritage of man-made construction.

Day 12: Thac Ba lake – Hanoi:( B, L – 180 km )

On the last day, the northern Vietnam motorcycle trip will see off Thac Ba and come back to Hanoi at 8:00 am. We promise to bring you the valuable memories with the out-of-track roads, which is challenging and adventurous for you to try. There are also some sealed and nicest back-roads for you to relax and enjoy the cooling winds in the afternoon. We come to Hanoi before rush hours and end the 12-day north Vietnam motorbike tours. End The Tour .

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